How StickQuik Bands Began:  

StickQuik Bands™ were created by two cousins in Orange County, California. We created StickQuik Bands™ because we wanted to use one for ourselves. We searched high and low for something like it and found nothing close to them in the market. So, we thought that if we wanted something like this, then others would too.

There are some magnetic tool organizers on the market that come in the form of magnetic strips, trays, bowls and bars for toolboxes or walls. These products only serve the function of storage and don’t address having a tool, utensil or implement handy as you work. StickQuik Bands™ lets the user do both since it attaches to and stays with the tool.

After years of developing our StickQuik Bands™, we launched a Kickstarter campaign on February 21, 2014 to make our idea a reality. The campaign successfully funded on March 23, 2014 with the help of 530 backers. With our Kickstarter Backer Pledge Rewards fulfilled, we are now going forward with taking StickQuik Bands™ out to the public through our website, car shows, swap meets, fairs & home shows.

How will you use your StickQuik Bands™?

Mike and Marco